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Soka Kindergarten commenced operation in January 1993.  From its former premises at Pasir Panjang, the School relocated to Tampines in 1998.  ‘Soka’ means “value-creating.”  Soka (Value-creating) Education seeks to empower students to perceive value in every aspect of life. Soka Kindergarten adopts a humanistic approach to pre-school education whereby both the education programme and teacher-student relationship are focused on developing each child to be a healthy and responsible person in the society.

Happy learners in a safe environment through value-creating education.

At Soka Kindergarten, we provide a safe and conducive environment where our children enjoy learning.  We believe that each child has an inner-motivated power to learn; that our programme can bring forth such natural zest in learning; and that our teachers are the best external environment to achieve the above.

Develop joyful, healthy and responsible early learners who will grow to be of contribution to society.

At Soka Kindergarten, we equip our children with necessary skills in literacy and numeracy, as well as good and healthy personal and social habits, aimed at preparing them for primary education and later years’ development.

Our school motto is “Strong, Righteous and Free.”

Core values

Perseverance (strong)
Honesty (righteous)
Respect (free)