SK Post

The Soka Kindergarten Post Office (SKPO) was launched on 7 August, 2001 to keep the tradition of letter writing alive and to make writing more meaningful. Since then its operation was entrusted to the capable hands of the K2 children.

Every child has an opportunity to perform jobs at the post office. They “apply” for jobs, discuss job requirements with teachers, attend on-the-job training (OJT), and then carry out assigned role in collecting, sorting, processing or delivering the mail to their peers. This project encourages children of all levels to communicate with each other through letters or picture messages (for the Nursery level).

Corridors were given names such as Fable Lane and Jalan Tabla so that there will be an address for the children to write on the reusable envelopes.

In 2011, ten years after commencement the post office underwent a makeover and a name change to SK Post at the 10th anniversary celebration.

The post office was relocated; from the little space at the stairwell on the ground floor to a room upstairs. There are now three mail boxes, one at each level, to cater to the volume of letters that passes through the post office each week. The children look forward to receiving letters from friends.

This is a wonderful platform for the children to engage in dramatic play and at the same time, learn about the workings of an actual post office. They also learn to work together in a team.

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