K2_Plant-Project-LEAThe curriculum of the kindergarten has been developing in tandem with the aims and principles of the Ministry of Education preschool education curriculum framework, as well as developments in the international education arena.

K1_Show&TellThe school adopts the project approach and the gymnastics movement programme; both piloted in 2003. At the same time, the school adopts the Reading Bee and《排排坐绘本Pai Pai Zuo Readers》series for the English and Chinese reading programme, the latest revised version of Growing with Mathematics and selected materials from Jolly Phonics.

K1_Silly StoriesCreative computer programme was introduced in 1998 and reviewed annually to align with the curriculum. The children’s daily learning experiences are enhanced at the learning centres and music appreciation classes.

K2_Project_Plant-TranspirationThe design of the programme not only seeks to provide children with a range of learning experiences covering Aesthetics and Creative Expression, Language and Literacy, Discovery of the World, Motor Skills Development, Numeracy, and Social and Emotional Development but also seeks to inculcate values such as perseverance, honesty and respect.