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The World is Our Stage

The idea of being students of a “bigger Soka School” comes alive on February 26 when SK students receive visiting fellow students from Soka University of Japan for a day of friendly interactions and educational activities together. The children arrive at school to the warm and rousing welcome by the delegation of 18 “big brothers and sisters” from Japan. SK staff and students then

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National Day Fun

Students were treated to a programme of fun-filled learning activities at the School’s National Day celebration on August 7.  Teachers put their talents and creativity to the fore as they engaged the children in a game of “Guess and Match”. Dressed in attires representing different occupations of the past, the children had fun guessing these past occupations that built Singapore for she is today,

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On Kindness and Harmony

Be kind and accepting of someone who is different from us —  this is the one most important lesson of the day that the children take home on July 18.  Soka Kindergarten aptly celebrates Racial Harmony Day in conjunction with Kindness Day, with the children and staff all donned in their best ethnic attire and engaged in a meaningful programme of cultural dances and

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Learning Independence

The much anticipated Independence Camp for K2 students took place on May 25-26. First, it was some sun-fun programme at the Sentonsa beach, followed by the underwater world experience of the SEA Aquarium. Back at the Kindergarten, the students sang and danced at the “Campfire”, first time ever for most of them. The day completed with the final test of it all — sleep-over

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Being Global in SK

Students from Soka University Japan conducted an education exchange activity with SK on February 28, bringing much cheer and joy to the children.  SK is part of the international Soka Schools network, and the annual activity gives the children an early experience of global connection. And on July 10, K2 students participated in an afternoon of interactive programme with a group of visiting students

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SK at Tampines Learning Festival

On May 12, 2018, Soka Kindergarten joined hands with community learning centres to celebrate the spirit of lifelong learning at the annual Tampines Learning Festival.  The event held at the Tampines Community Plaza showcased various fun-filled activities and performing items to promote family bonding.  Soka Kindergarten was among many pre-school providers making their respective statements that children learn best through play. SK teachers’ creativity

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